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( it doesn't get much better )

We are Savvy and Olivia. You may have seen us at Cloche Coffee! I (Savvy) manage the shop for Ashleigh and Cory (The previous owners of Tenco Coffee). As soon as they were offering to sell the truck. I knew what mine and Olivia's next journey would be. 

I've been in the coffee world for a decade and no matter what shop I work in there is something new to fall in love with. With Cloche Coffee its been the lovely atmosphere that encourages growth on both sides of the counter. I want that to be something that you can feel with Tenco, even though its a truck. 

I have big dreams for Tenco Coffee and am continuing to donate profits to charity. The focus for that will be local charities especially the ones supporting mental health care and homelessness. If you know of any charities in Durham, NC that you would like to receive a donation, please reach out through our email below. 

Let's adventure together!

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