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ABOUT US Tenco Coffee

We are Cory and Ashleigh and we both dig the tribal vibe. Cory's Native American and I grew up a diehard Florida State Seminole fan (that counts, right?). We love calling the Raleigh, Durham, + Chapel Hill area home. Cory's a recent UNC graduate. (Don't hold it against him.) and I played softball at NCSU (Go Pack!). Regardless of our household rivalry, we both agree there's no better place to live and work.

And we should know - we both moved around an insane amount as kids! We also travel as much as possible now that we're "adults." I guess you could say that the nomad lifestyle is kind of in our blood. And if there's one thing we've realized from our travels - we like coffee. (Like, a lot!)

There's something about exploring a city and having great convo with a quality cup of coffee in hand. (It's like an instant ADVENTURE!) We hope that TENCO encompasses the energy of all the places we've ever explored. After all, everything about TENCO was inspired by our travels: our favorite things seen, heard, and tasted!  

Oh, and the name? What started as an affinity for my favorite number quickly evolved into a symbolic nod to our community consciousness - giving 10% of our profits (and as much of our time as possible) back to our community.

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