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TENCO COFFEE is a mobile coffee shop in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill+ area. We love living on the road and pop-up at businesses and events all over town. We want to go wherever the breeze blows and live life (and drink coffee) freely. Call us nomads, or free spirits, or even drifters if you want - just don't call us ordinary.


We like to think that our brand is all about Adventure and doing good recklessly wherever we may roam. Lets find the comfort in discomfort together with a cup of coffee and an open heart. 

We do all types of events!

Teacher & Staff Appreciation

Retirement & Apartment Communities

Office Parks

Graduation Parties


Baby Showers

Birthday Parties

You name it and we will quote it for you!


The thing about being a Nomad - life (and coffee) becomes much simplier. By cutting out the frills of traditional cafe service, we zero in on perfecting the coffee experience - one cup at a time.

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